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Honesty Isn't Always the Best Policy
Thursday, 13th 2005f October, 2005 6:00PM
News: Wednesday, 30th 2005f November, 2005 7:51AM

Today's comic concludes our first week for our first storyline (although don't worry, it goes for 3 more weeks) and with it, our first glimpse of the newest cast member, Delia. We saw mention of her at the beginning of the week, when Lou was watching her move into her house across the street. I actually found drawing her quite difficult (her being female), but I do like how she ended up at least. Although her shirt was suppose to have buttons going down it, unfortunately when she was re-sized to fit the comic, they shrunk to nothing. As always, I'm more then happy to hear feedback, you can either e-mail me or post a message on the forum.

News: Sunday, 16th 2018f December, 2018 3:54PM

News: Wednesday, 30th 2005f November, 2005 7:58AM

Back towards the end of October I found myself inundated with school work, so the comic went on a temporary hiatus. However just as I had finished my assignments and was able to do -some- work with the strip, Gutterflycomix (where the comic was hosted) was hacked and eventually announced it was closing shop. So I decided to wait until I had finished my tests, and here we finally are.

I've moved the website onto the terrific host Smack Jeeves, although some features have been lost (such as the bare bones page which had nothing but the comic) and the forum. However some features have been gained, such as user comments beneath each strip and the ability to e-mail a strip to a friend.

Tune in next Monday for the following comic, I'll be going back to a M-W-F schedule and I'll be spending the next 3 months trying to build up a buffer.

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Oyer, Wednesday, 30th 2005f November, 2005 4:36PM

Heh, diplomat's baby been eaten by man's Dingo. I can see the Headlines now...

JohnLynch, Thursday, 1st 2005f December, 2005 3:02AM

Glad you liked it. That's the advantage of moving hosts, a whole new lot of people to sucker into reading my comic.

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