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Tuesday, 4th 2005f October, 2005 6:00PM
News: Wednesday, 30th 2005f November, 2005 7:46AM

The comic is already undergoing changes in the art. Today actually has a background (with people even standing in the background) as opposed to yesterday's strip which had no background. I liked the manager in today's strip. He wasn't meant to be a hunchback at first, but when I went to draw the strip the idea of having a manager hunchback seemed pretty amusing to me.

A couple of house keeping notes on the site. If you checked it out very early you would have seen it was numbered Comic #0. I decided to stop being so lazy and named it #1. I also attached a IE PNG transparency script ( to the pages so if you look at it under IE then the PNGs will actually be transparent. Although if you do use IE, I can't recommend Firefox enough. If you notice the site acting strangely at all, feel free to contact me and I'll attempt to fix it (if you have any other feedback either about the site or the comic feel free to e-mail me as well). You can also offer feedback in the new The Queen's Land forum.

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