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Monday, 30th 2006f October, 2006 4:08AM
News: Monday, 30th 2006f October, 2006 4:29AM

You might be wondering what the hell's going on. I abandon the site for 10 months and suddenly post an update to the old storyline with no word? Well I did comment post a comment earlier today in the previous strip about my lack of updates (yeah, it only took me 10 months to explain that one), and this news post is to explain the new comic. So stop being so impatient and just read on ;)

When I first started The Queen's Land I started it with the hope of becoming the next popular comic. I thought about the ingrediants I needed to make a popular comic, which were:
* Set in Australia (Americans seem to love Australia)
* Had a stupid, horny protagonist
* Protagonist had an intelligent friend who plays the straight man
* Has a quirky pet
* A Steve Irwin rip-off (I'm a bit unsure what to do with her now).

Thing is though, even if I did have all the necessary ingredients, the purpose behind doing the comic was all wrong. You can't keep something like this going forever unless you love it. Or even longer then 3 months apparently. And I didn't love it, I just created something I thought would be successful. And so I gave up on the comic.

I've got the creativity bug again, and I've been thinking of starting a new comic. So finally today I checked out the old Smack Jeeves website and I checked out the old comic while I was here. And as I said earlier today (under the previous strip again) I was finding myself enjoying The Queen's Land. It was funny.

I've decided to start updating The Queen's Land once more, right where I left off (despite having lost everything from my computer related to The Queen's Land, I do remember where the story was going). I hope that this time I'll be doing it because I enjoy it, rather then because I want it to be popular. But we'll have to see. As such there isn't any set update schedule, it will be "as I get them done." So I might update 3 times a week. I might update once a week. This might be my final update ;) We'll just have to see.

So if you're new to the Queen's Land I hope you enjoy the archive, and thankyou if you decide to give me a chance. To those who once read The Queen's Land and have returned, wow! I'm amazed you're here after nearly a year with no updates. Thanks!

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meeowth, Monday, 30th 2006f October, 2006 6:49AM

I wish I could say it was because I check every single day that I can say this, but as you likely know that is a lie.

Look, underground mole people! The next step in evolution!

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