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Merry Christmas
Saturday, 24th 2005f December, 2005 4:00PM
News: Saturday, 24th 2005f December, 2005 4:01PM

Merry Christmas everyone (and to those who don't celebrate it, I still hope you have a good day). I was going to do a special Christmas webcomic myself, but Lyon of Something Different ( ) was kind enough to do me a christmas comic as part of the guerilla press secret santa, so I put that up instead. I did one for Fortune Cookie ( ) so check that out over the next couple of days for it. I had to read Fortune Cookie so I could do a strip for it, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's also just recently become a member of Guerilla Press and has begun updating as well, so it's definitely worth checking out.

I also just noticed that the banner is down, I should probably fix that (but it's Christmas today! That's a good excuse to be lazy ;)). It was a link to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity ( ). No matter what you might say about the people doing Penny Arcade, they've got a great charity there and it's definitely worth checking out.

I'm off to go read my Melonpool books ( ). It's a great comic (even if it is on a temporary hiatus) so go check that one out as well.

P.S. Yes it does snow down here. But not during Christmas (as it's summer) and it only snows in the mountains.

News: Friday, 24th 2019f May, 2019 8:45AM

News: Sunday, 25th 2005f December, 2005 7:56PM

Well I went out yesterday and had a late night, so I didn't get a chance to do a strip this morning. I'll just skip this monday (hey! It was Christmas ;)) and have a strip up next wednesday. Sorry.

News: Monday, 30th 2006f October, 2006 12:09AM

Y'know when you make a promise, like say regular comic updates, and then break it? Then you feel like you can't come back so you just keep avoiding the place? That's what happened here.

So I just re-read the comics. I'd planned on not updating any more, to give up on Queen's Land. But I re-read them, and I actually found myself laughing at them. I enjoyed reading them.

So I have to ask myself, do I make more Queen's Land comics (although would any jokes about Stephanie Erron, a Steve Irwin rip-off, be in bad taste? I do know one thing though. I definitely shouldn't make any jokes about sting-rays. That would definitely be terrible of me. Very terrible). Or do I scrap the idea as "well it was an alright idea, time to move on."?

Oh and if you're reading this, thanks meeowth and killersteak for showing interest in the comic longer then I did ;)

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meeowth, Saturday, 24th 2005f December, 2005 7:58PM

That's what they tell me, but I've never been to a mountain with any! Maybe I'm not looking hard enough...

lyon, Tuesday, 27th 2005f December, 2005 12:39AM

Ya I figured it would snow on the other half of the year.

meeowth, Friday, 20th 2006f January, 2006 10:08PM

John hasn't disappeared into the great blue yonder, has he?!

killersteak, Friday, 17th 2006f February, 2006 1:09AM

Gave up?
Eaten by his pet dingo??


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