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Tuesday, 20th 2005f December, 2005 8:00AM
News: Tuesday, 20th 2005f December, 2005 8:32AM

Well looks like the strip updated at 1:00 AM instead of 11:00 AM. That's what I get for uploading the strip when I'm tired (I did mean to do the strip in the morning, but inspiration hit me instead).

Today marks the beginning of a new storyline. I actually was going to run another storyline as my second one, but with it being christmas soon I didn't think it would be appropriate. So you've got this one instead.

Just a small update. I've updated the BONUS page with two methods on how to keep track of when The Queen's Land has updated. I personally use the Comic-Nation website to keep track of all the comics I read, but the Smack Jeeves method works as well.

News: Friday, 24th 2019f May, 2019 8:02AM

User's Comments

meeowth, Tuesday, 20th 2005f December, 2005 9:31AM

That two hour delay threw me off. OFF! I thought you had certainly bit the big one.

lyon, Tuesday, 20th 2005f December, 2005 8:49PM

A big what? A big donut?

Ya. I'm being sarcastic.

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