The Queen's Land



Lou Biddle

In his early fifties, Lou Biddle has lived in Rum's Creek all his life. He lives alone, much to his mother's dismay, with only his pet dingo, Daffodil, for company. A photocopy repairman by trade, Lou doesn't really care about the larger things in life, concentrating more on his attractive, young neighbours instead.

Charles Backhouse

In his late twenties, Charles met Lou when he was a little boy and has been good friends with him ever since. More then a little brighter then Lou, he works for the local university in the maths department and is often trying to avert Lou from whatever foolhardy plan has recently entered Lou's head.


Lou's pet dingo, Daffodil is in 11 years old, or 2 years from the great nursery. As with all dingo's, Daffodil likes the taste of babies, especially human ones. But with Rum Creek filling with important foriegn officials, Daffodil's tastes is likely to cause trouble.

Queen Stephanie Erron

On October the 3rd, 2005, Stephanie Erron was elected Queen of Queen's Land. Previously a world famous crocodile huntress, Steph isn't exactly royalty material, causing the rest of the world to not quite take Queen's Land to seriously. Obsessed with crocodile's, Steph is constantly trying to involve the creatures in her ruling of Queen's Land, although so far has had very little success.