The Queen's Land



The Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon Strip

I made a strip for the the Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon that helped raise over $26,000 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. You can click here to see my contribution.


The Queen's Land updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the same time. However in case you don't want to remember that, or something happens and an update is late, you can use a couple of notification systems to keep track of when The Queen's Land has updated.

The methods are:

  • RSS Feed - You subscribe to the RSS Feed with an aggregator which will automatically send you notices whenever The Queen's Land updates. Firefox and the Google Personalized homepage also have built in capabilities that allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds.
  • Smack Jeeves - by signing up for a Smack Jeeves account (which is also necessary to leave a comment on a strip) you are given a "My Favourites" list where comics you like can be added. Included in the information is when the strip last updated. You can add The Queen's Land to your Smack Jeeves favourites list by clicking here.
  • Comic Nation - Comic Nation allows its members to have a list of comics, which when they visit the list, will be told when a comic has updated. You can add The Queen's Land to your comics page.
  • Online Comics - You can also add The Queen's Land to your list of favourites by going to this page and clicking on the add to favourite icon. You can use the Online Comics favourite system to keep track of when The Queen's Land updates along with other comics that utilize their system.

If you know of any other methods of keeping track of when The Queen's Land has updated, please e-mail them to me.